Thursday, March 22, 2007

Computer woes

Two days ago, I sent off the revised manuscript for PEPPERMINT TWISTED to my editor, and then I crashed. I'd spent the previous week in NYC, had a rough day of travel getting home, and got very little sleep while I was working on the revisions since I didn't get nearly as much work done on the manuscript while I was traveling as I'd hoped.
It looks like we're still on for a December 2007 release, but I'll let you all know if that changes. I'm delighted to report that we've also agreed to go to contract for at least two more in the candy shop series!
In the middle of doing revisions, I suddenly realized that my wireless network was doing weird things. Before I left home for NYC, the network was humming along just fine. I think it was working when I got home, but I can't remember for sure. I could access the internet from my laptop, but I'm accessing it now and the network is kaput. Or MIA, I'm not sure which.
I don't even know what happened. One day I booted up, and my computer told me it had discovered a new piece of equipment. I clicked on the pop-up bubble and discovered that my computer had found a new router. The one I've been using has disappeared from my laptop. I had the brilliant idea to delete the router and reboot to see what my computer could find, but the router won't allow me to delete it. I even carried my laptop up to my office and sat it on the desk a few inches from my router, but I still can't access my own network, and I'm so frustrated I could scream!
While in NYC, I hooked up to the hotel's wireless network for 24 hours, and now I'm wondering if that network overwrote something on my computer. Anybody out there know enough about wireless networks to offer any suggestions?