Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Writing Powerhouse Scenes

Just a quick heads' up for those who are interested! My alter-ego will ll be teaching a workshop on Writing Powerhouse Scenes at Savvy Authors in January.

Today's market requires that writers keep scenes immediate so readers can be "in the moment" with the characters in your book. Yet writing scenes that happen in the moment is often difficult to do. Too often, we end up with scenes in which there's a delay between the action and the page, or with scenes in which the author resorts to "telling" to explain what just happened.

In this workshop we'll talk about enhancing scene structure using its basic elements of goal, conflict and disaster in various ways that will keep the reader on the same page as the characters all the way through. The discussions and personalized feedback on your own work-in-progress will help you build powerhouse scenes that never leave the reader (or the editor) feeling left out -- even for a second!

WHEN: Jan 3, 2011 - Jan 31, 2011

COST: $15 for Premium Members
$25 for Basic Members

For more information or to register, click here to visit Savvy Authors