Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's hot where I live. No, I'm not expecting sympathy. I've looked at the maps on the weather channel, and I realize that it's hot pretty much everywhere -- at least here in the States. It's just that I'm not a hot weather sort of gal. I don't do hot, at least not willingly, because I don't do it well. The first thing that goes is sleep. I'm a cool weather sleeper and I'm happiest when the room I'm sleeping in is almost uncomfortably cool for everyone else. Then I can burrow down under the covers, leaving my face exposed to the cool air, and boy! can I sleep then. When it's hot, and I've thrown myself across the bed without any covers (and don't you dare try to put that sheet over me if you value your life!) I don't sleep well. Lack of sleep inevitably makes me cranky. Add that to other cranky makers like the sudden death of my laptop, and I'm really not all that pleasant to be around. Not that I'm thoroughly unpleasant. I wouldn't want to leave you with the wrong impression. The dogs don't run and hide when I walk through the door or anything like that! It's just that I'm much happier as a creature of artificial comfort, and I'm always amazed when I meet someone who loves summer's heat. One of my closest friends lives on the other side of the state from me -- the southern end of the state, to be exact, where the temperatures routinely soar about 15 degrees warmer than they do here at my house. In January and February, I envy her, but by April, when she's already hitting 100 degree temps, I start to wonder why she doesn't just do the sensible thing and move to someplace cooler. That's my game plan, anyway. It's been 100, give or take a degree or two, since some time in June (feels like forever!) I want to move someplace where it never gets about 85. Maybe 80. And where cool breezes, either from the ocean or from a nearby canyon, keep the temperatures moderate. Someplace a little off the beaten path so I never have to deal with traffic snarls, but where the FedEx man still comes and I'm mere minutes away from whatever I might want from the city. Not that I'm picky or anything :)