Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Fun #1

Still fighting to get book #4 in the series finished and onto my editor's desk so here we go with Friday Fun :)


1. School…couldn’t wait or dreaded hell?

Usually couldn't wait.

2. School supplies,… junkie or couldn’t care less?

Absolute junkie! I still am!

3. The locker,… organized or a chaotic mess?

Pretty organized, I guess.

4. Lunch time… bring or buy?

Buy. Nobody brought lunch from home when I was in school!

5. Sports… jock or not?

Absolute dweeb. Definitely not.

6. Music… band, chorus, orchestra, or none of the above?

Band, but only through sixth grade. After that, I gave it all up except what was required. Took piano lessons privately, but no more public school music.

If yes, what insturment or part?

Clarinet (snort!)

7. Report cards… grounded or rewarded?!

Middle ground, I guess. My parents didn't reward, but I never got grounded either.

8. Reunions… a good idea, or thanks, but no?

Thanks, but no. Of course, this attitude could be because my graduating class has never had a reunion, and after this long I don't know anyone, and wasn't close enough to anyone to really want to reconnect, I guess.

9. School friends,…. still have them or grown apart?

Grown apart. Long story. Not pretty, but my oldest friends have only been part of my life for about 15 years.

10. Favorite class?

Creative Writing (go figure!) Ceramics.

Crossing Guard

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