Monday, September 17, 2007

A Shout Out to My Kids

Ian is deploying tomorrow, and I'm finding it difficult to think about anything else today. It's amazing how quickly he became an integral part of our family, especially since our little family isn't an easy thing to break into. It's not that we're snobbish or anything. It's just that I've been a single mom for-practically-ever, and it's been the three of us against the world for most of my kids' lives. We've been a team, the three of us, and we share incredibly close relationships.
Over the years, men have come along, stayed a while, and eventually disappeared for one reason or another, and we've either been glad to see them go, or we've quickly figured out we should have been glad!!! Ian is different, and I think each of us knew that from the moment we first met him.

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I can honestly say that if I'd been allowed to pick a husband for my daughter, Ian is the man I would have picked. He loves her, loves their baby, loves being a family man, provides well, takes his responsibilities seriously, but he also knows how to turn loose and have a good time. He's patient and slow to anger, and he makes my daughter laugh. Best of all, he recognizes those qualities that make my kid who she is, and he loves her for them.

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Tomorrow morning, he leaves for the Middle East. Luckily, he's not scheduled for a long deployment, and luckily he's not going to one of the more dangerous places over there. And today, I'm thinking about my son (in-law) heading off to put his life on the line for my freedom, and about my daughter, who is heading in to what will surely be her first stint as a "single" mom, and I just had to tell the world how very proud I am of both of them.

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circuitmouse said...

Empathy is that human trait which most defines our humanity...

This is what makes a writer shine.

It's been a while since I lived in an environment where (mostly young) people were being sent off to war, yet it seems like yesterday. I wish your family the best - sounds like they're lucky to have you.